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About Germantown Family Chiropractic

Holding a HeartDr. Delta is thrilled to be back and practicing chiropractic in her hometown of Madison, MS. Her number one goal is to help families lead their healthiest lives possible through natural, effective, and gentle chiropractic care.

Dr. Delta is excited to help her community restore their health, crafting unique and custom care plans for each patient she sees—child or adult.

The Germantown Family Chiropractic Difference

Dr. Delta is a trained pregnancy and pediatric chiropractor—something many patients don’t even know exists! Because so much trauma and stress is put upon the mother and child during the birthing process, considering chiropractic care is an excellent idea before and after your child is born. For the mother, a unique adjustment style called the Webster technique can help alleviate general pain associated with pregnancy as well as properly position the pelvis and hips to allow the baby room to grow and develop while preparing your body for labor.

For a baby, chiropractic care following birth can ensure a properly functioning nervous system from day one. After all, it’s easier to adjust and maintain a healthy and happy little one,  than it is to fix a unhealthy adult after years of misalignment!

My greatest inspiration is seeing patients grow, improve, and function at their best.

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If you or your family has ever struggled with your health, Dr. Delta wants to help. Contact us today to find out how gentle and specific chiropractic care can transform your family’s life.

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