About Dr. Stark.

Dr. Delta grew up right here in Madison, MS and first went off to school at Mississippi State University (#HailState!) where she received a B.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology all by the age of 20 years old. And while there she also met her amazing husband James, and together they got married and moved to Atlanta, GA for her to attend chiropractic school at Life University. They opened Germantown Family Chiropractic together in March 2017 in the heart of Gluckstadt, MS.

While living in Starkville, she began to intern and work for a local chiropractor in the area and began to receive chiropractic care for the first time in her life. She had struggled for years with chronic ear infections, even after multiple sets of tubes surgeries as a kid, reoccurring chronic sinus, respiratory, & strep infections, horrible migraines, and major anxiety and panic attacks and after starting chiropractic care most of her health challenges completely stopped and/or improved tremendously. After experiencing it herself she knew immediately that she was put on this earth by the grace of God to help people achieve true health and healing from within, so she immediately did a major 180 shift in career paths from attending medical school to applying for chiropractic school with less than 6 months left before graduating from MSU. 

After just a few months into Chiropractic school, she fell in love with the idea of taking care of mommas and littles, and from there a passion for pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care began to grow. With the idea of helping them live their best lives with chiropractic care from the start, instead of them struggling with major health challenges for years like she did, so she began her additional specific pediatric training as soon as possible, starting after only a year and a half of chiropractic school. 

She is currently an active member of Epic Pediatrics and the National Wellness Foundation, with a passion for helping to educate pregnant moms on how to achieve the most out of and feeling empowered by their pregnancy journey, as well as helping to educate moms on drug free options for their kids struggling with chronic illnesses, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Challenges, and so much. 

She has also received a postgraduate certification in the Webster Technique, most commonly utilized during pregnancy, and is currently completing the final requirements for an additional pediatric certification through International Chiropractic Pediatric Association - ICPA and is able to provide gentle and effective care for children of all ages—from newborns to adolescents and older. She also uses many different chiropractic care techniques to help target your needs and address your concerns. 

Since a young age, Dr. Delta was always interested in working in the healthcare industry. Initially thinking that medical school was for her, she had the opportunity to intern with a chiropractor before completing her undergrad degree and fell in love with the profession. She enjoyed forming connections with patients while making a lasting impact in their health. She quickly began to realize that chiropractic care was the path for her.


Outside of the Practice.

Dr. Delta currently serves as a board member for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and she has a passion for seeing other business thrive in our community, especially other women entrepreneurs. She is also a provisional member of Junior Auxiliary of Madison County and loves volunteering with other women with a passion of serving kids.

When she isn’t helping families live life to their fullest potential or being involved in the community, Dr. Delta enjoys spending time with her husband, James and their four fur babies, Sophie, Lily, Izzy, & Chloe. Dr. Delta and her husband love to travel and are self-described movie buffs, you can usually catch them on Friday nights (and sometimes Saturday and Sunday too - who doesn’t love a triple feature weekend) at their local theater watching the newest released movie. They are also currently working towards growing their very own family through the blessing of adoption and you can follow along on their journey through their personal blog Stark Bites.

My greatest inspiration is seeing a parent’s hope restored and seeing their family growing and thriving together.
— Dr. Delta