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Creating Happy

Healthy Families.



Your family’s health is our calling - and we want to help you express it to its fullest potential through safe and effective methods.


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Become empowered by educating yourself on your family's health.


About us.

At Germantown Family Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on offering our community in Madison, MS traditional and specific chiropractic care for families, including children and pregnant mothers. In fact, Dr. Delta is trained by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and certified in Webster Technique— a prenatal chiropractic technique that is an ideal adjustment method for expectant moms.


Prenatal Care.

Supported & Empowered Pregnancies

Chiropractic care through your conception, pregnancy, and postpartum journey helps to balance your hormones through proper nervous system function to prepare your body for baby, supports your pregnancy by improving energy levels, relieving general discomfort and sciatic pain, optimizing room for baby to grow and flourish, potentially leading to less interventions and shorter labor times, and aides in supporting a healthy breastfeeding relationship for both mom and baby and recovery and healing for mom during postpartum care.

Pediatric Care.

Connected Kiddos & Thriving Families

From birth on, kiddos of all ages often experience healthy side effects of improved sleep habits, improved immune and digestive system function, optimal growth and development, better mood regulation, balanced focus and energy levels with safe, gentle, and specific chiropractic care.


Our Scans.

In our office we use state of the art technology that is non-invasive and safe even during pregnancy and infancy. It’s our philosophy to test not guess when it comes to your families health, and the combination of our 3 scans measure your body’s response to tension and stress throughout your spine and nervous system.


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