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Welcome to Germantown Family Chiropractic!

We’re happy you found us, and excited to help you achieve your health goals. At Germantown Family Chiropractic, we want you to know that your health is yours—meaning we’ll work with you to achieve the level of health that you’re aiming for. We want to make you an active partner in your care!

Your First Visit

Healing HandsUpon entering our practice, you’ll immediately notice that we’re very family friendly. Don’t be surprised to find a toy or two for your children to play with while you or they are being adjusted.

Dr. Delta or an assistant will greet you and then take you on a quick tour of our practice after collecting your new patient paperwork, which can be downloaded and filled out here.

Then, we’ll take you back to our examination room where Dr. Delta can get a better idea of what’s brought you in. We’ll review your health history while also giving you the opportunity to ask any question you might have—we aim to be very open and honest with you about whatever you’d like to know. Next, we’ll perform a few tests and examinations, including a nerve function test, postural exam and physical exam.

If X-rays are necessary, we can refer you out to have them done. Please allow about one hour for this initial visit.

Your Second Visit

At your second appointment, we’ll begin by going over our report of findings with you and our recommended care plan to help you or your child function as best as possible. Each individual patient is different, and we’ll craft the best possible plan for your unique needs—no two care plans are alike.

We love to educate our patients and strive to help you understand exactly how chiropractic care will benefit you. We’ll also discuss financial details at this time. If you’d like to begin care same day, we’re happy to perform your first adjustment. If you’d like to wait, that is perfectly fine as well.

Ongoing Chiropractic Care

Many patients initially discover chiropractic care due to an injury or pain that they’re experiencing. While adjustments can provide excellent pain relief, that’s not their only benefit—in fact, chiropractic is designed to help your body function exactly as it was designed to, removing nervous system disturbances that happen regularly as we live our lives. While we may suggests routing visits to our practice to help keep your body functioning at its highest level, we want you to know that continuing care is entirely up to you. We’ll never pressure you to return for a future adjustment unless you want to.

Wondering How Dr. Delta Can Help?

We’d love to meet you and your family. Contact our practice today to learn more about the natural chiropractic techniques available for you or your children.

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