What makes us different …


At Germantown Family Chiropractic our number one goal with every single patient that walks through our doors is to make sure you are first heard and second filled with hope of what life can be like when you or your family are experiencing your future best health.

Dr. Delta and Dr. Lindsey are a trained prenatal, pediatric, and family wellness chiropractors—something many patients don’t even know exists! We believe life and health begins at conception, and it’s our mission to support families through pregnancy, birth, and every stage and milestone throughout their of lives.

For our pregnant moms, we utilize a unique adjustment style called the Webster Technique which can help to alleviate general pains and discomforts associated with pregnancy as well as help to properly position the pelvis and hips to allow baby room to grow and flourish while preparing your body for labor and birth. And for our tiniest patients, chiropractic care following birth can ensure a properly functioning nervous system from day one. After all, it’s easier to adjust and maintain a healthy and happy little one, than it is to fix an unhealthy adult after years of stress and spinal misalignments!

As children grow they often experience major health challenges, sickness, focus issues, & behavioral and neuro-developmental challenges along the way - although these may be becoming alarmingly more common they are most definitely not normal. Here at GFC, we support families with a neurological based approach of chiropractic care to help your child better adapt by limiting the effects of stress on your child’s master control center - the nervous system through gentle and specific chiropractic care.

The best time to start chiropractic care is at birth, the second best time is now.


Chiropractic Techniques

  • Pediatric Specific Techniques - Gentle and specific techniques tailored to the growing and developing spines of your kiddos

  • Webster Technique —Ideal for pregnant mothers.

  • Thompson Drop Table—Allows for a full spinal adjustment while laying comfortably face down on a table.

  • Activator Method & Arthrostim Adjusting —Gentle instrument adjusting—perfect for patients who may be nervous

  • Diversified—One of the most popular manual adjustment techniques that allows Dr. Delta to use her hands to align the vertebrae of the spine.

  • Extremity Adjusting—Ideal for almost every type of patient, especially children who are prone to sports injuries.

Pricing & Financial Policies

One of our main goals at Germantown Family Chiropractic is to make sure finances are never a reason your family is not able to receive the quality chiropractic care you deserve. As a non-insurance affiliate office, we are able to make individual care plan recommendations specifically for you or you child’s individual needs based on your health goals, your chiropractic assessment, and neurological exams without limitations place by your insurance provider. We work directly with each of our families using affordable and flexible payment plan options, as well as multiple family member tier discount pricing, to insure chiropractic care fits every single family’s budget. For more information on our specific pricing structures, give our office a call at 601-707-7900.