Prenatal Care.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Madison, MS

Pregnancy can come with its fair share of stresses and trials, but did you know that chiropractic care can help? Here at Germantown Family Chiropractic our goal is to empower you throughout pregnancy and help your body adapt the best it can to this amazing process. Dr. Delta is certified in the Webster technique, giving her the ability to perform specific and unique adjustments on expectant moms that can help by:

  • Restoring proper pelvic alignment

  • Restoring vital nervous system function

  • Improving general discomfort and sciatic pain

  • Allowing more room for the baby to grow and develop, through relaxation of muscles and ligaments surroundings mom’s pelvis.

Chiropractic care through your conception, pregnancy, and postpartum journey helps to balance your hormones through proper nervous system function to prepare your body for baby, supports your pregnancy by improving energy levels, relieving general discomfort and sciatic pain, optimizing room for baby to grow and flourish, potentially leading to less interventions and shorter labor times, and aides in supporting a healthy breastfeeding relationship for both mom and baby and recovery and healing for mom during postpartum care.

When is the best time for pregnant mom start chiropractic care?

As early as possible - aka now or ideally even during preconception! Your body goes through hormonal changes and different stressors during your entire pregnancy journey, and we support pregnant moms along every step of the way! Each mom’s care plan is customized to their specific needs, and your frequency and care plan depends on your goals for your pregnancy and the support you need to help prepare your body and nervous system for birth and maintain the best growing environment for your baby to flourish.